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Ve-net is a Joint Venture between Viskase LLC and ennio International.

2017 marks the commencement of a Joint Venture between Viskase: leaders in the cellulose, fibrous and plastic casing industry and ennio: leaders in the elastic netting and fabric casing industry. With both companies committed to ongoing innovation and specialists in their fields, this complementary alliance ensures two progressive industry leaders can supply a solution for every netting and casing product requirement globally.

Ve-net combines the technologically advanced manufacturing skills and processes of both companies and is produced in the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Viskase’s existing plant in Monterrey, Mexico. Allowing for speed of delivery and provision of cost competitive products.

Ve-net offers the meat & poultry industry a unique value proposition: quality, affordability, flexibility, convenience and 150 years of combined experience.



150 YEARS of collective innovation

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Elastic netting with patented stitch for maximum binding and easy-peel benefits.


Multipurpose elastic netting with ultra-fine squares.


Elastic Nettings & Casings in one


Fabric casing, offering excellent yield for smoked meat products


Fabric casing increases yields for bone-in and boneless hams


QRA applied to fabric casings and elastic nettings - for whole muscle products


Proprietary formula forms a barrier coating applied directly to fabric casings. Extremely peelability and super-premium finish.

6.E-Z Range

Range of liquid solutions for whole muscle or emulsion products


Elastic loops - range of sizes, colors and uses.

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*Ve-net is a trademark of Ve-netting LLC.
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